Halloween Green Vampire

Hey, Kids! Today we have a special Halloween treat for all of you. Look, it’s a chilling Vampire!
To start off, we needs four different color balls of play doh. A big green ball, a big black ball, a big red ball and a small white ball. Take the green ball and break off half of it. Roll it in your hand until you form a smooth ball. This is for the face of our vampire. Make two more small balls and one tiny ball of green play doh. Take the tiny green ball and attach it to the middle of the face. Make two white balls of different sizes, flatten them out and attach them right above the tiny green ball. Draw a wide smile using a toothpick. Make a thin strip of red play doh for the mouth and attach it. Cut out two fangs from white play doh and press them to the corners of the mouth. Take two dots of black to complete the eyes of our vampire. Press two strips of black above each eye for the eyebrows.
Now take the big red ball and roll it with your hands to make the body of the vampire. Take the black play doh and flatten it completely. Use a scale to cut out the cape of the vampire. Attach it to the red play doh by pressing with your fingers. Attach the two long black triangles to the top for the collar of the vampire’s costume. Use a toothpick to attach the head to the body. Take two small green balls of play doh and make ears using your fingers and the back of a paint brush. Attach the ears to both sides of the vampire’s face. Flatten out some more black play doh and cut it in the shape of the head. Press it to the top of the vampire’s head.
Your chilling Halloween Vampire is now ready to scare your friends!