Play Doh Modeling Friendly Halloween Ghost

Hey, Kids! Today we have a special Halloween surprise for all of you. Look, it’s a friendly ghost!

All you need are two balls of playdoh; one white ball and one black ball. Take the white ball and flatten it out until you have a thick, flat circle. Now use a rolling pin to completely flatten it out. Cut out the shape of the ghost from it. Fold it around your hand as you hold it up. Set the ghost down and make sure the creases around it are well defined. Use your fingers to form a round head on top. Take a small white ball and separate it into two. Form the hands and attach it to both sides. Place them so that it seems like the ghost is lifting its arms up, ready to scare someone. Make the eyes of the ghost using tiny balls of black and white play doh. Take a small black ball of playdoh and flatten it into a circle. Attach it to the head of the ghost to form the wide open mouth.

And there you have it, children. Your friendly ghost is ready!