Halloween Red Devil Play Doh Modelling for Kids

Hello children, this is Shobha here today with another special Halloween treat for you! Today, uncle Sudheer is going to show us how to make a scary red devil for Halloween in a few simple steps.

We start with taking four balls of play doh; a big yellow ball, a big red ball,a small black ball and a small white ball. Take the yellow play doh and make one big ball and three small from it. Take the big ball and start making the face of the devil. Shape the chin and the cheeks of the devil with your fingers. Take two of the small yellow balls and make the ears. Use the back of a paintbrush and your hands to make the ears pointy. Attach the ears to the sides of the head. Attach the third ball to the middle of the face. Now you have the devil’s nose.

Now take a part of the red play doh and roll it into the shape of an egg using your hands. Here you have the torso of the devil. Roll two medium sized red balls and three small red balls. Make the arms of the devil from the two medium sized red balls and attach them to both sides of the torso. Take two of the small red balls and use a toothpick to draw the feet. Attach the feet to the bottom of the torso. Use a toothpick to draw a smile on the devil’s face. Now attach the devil’s head to the body using the same toothpick. Flatten out some play doh and cut out the top of the devil’s head and attach it to the face.

Take two small white balls of play doh and flatten it. Attach it to the devil’s face. Take two tiny balls of black play doh and press it on to the white circles. Here you have the eyes of the devil. Attach two small strips of black play doh right above the eyes for the eye brows. Attach a strip of red play doh for the mouth of the devil. Make two horns from black play doh and attach it to the top of the devil’s head. Take the final ball of red play doh and make a long thin strip from it. Add a pointy tip to the end of the strip and you get the tail of the devil.

And there you have it! Our scary Halloween red devil is ready. Be sure to use him to scare all your friends this Halloween