How To Make Carrie the Happy Halloween Clown Mask

Hello children, this is Shobha here today with a special Halloween treat for you! Today, uncle Sudheer is going to show us how to make a happy halloween clown mask! You’ll need three balls of play doh, a big white ball, a medium red ball and a small black ball. Are you guys all set? Okay, here we go!Take the big white ball of play doh. Make three small balls and keep them aside. Roll the remaining play doh into a big white ball. This us going to be the face of our clown. Attach the two small balls to the big white ball. Shape them with your hands by pulling them down to form the cheeks of the clown. Add the last ball in small parts to the bottom of the face to form the chin. use a scale to give definition and shape the lips of the clown. You can already a smile forming, can’t you?

Take a bit of the black play doh and flatten it. Cut out the mouth of the clown and attach that to the face. Make two small black flat circles and cut out the bottom to make the eyes of the clown. Attach them  right above the cheek. Use thin strips of black to make the eye lashes and attach them right above the eyes. Roll out two long black strips for the make up. Attach them in an arc around the eyes. Take one strip of red pay doh and place it under the mouth as the lips. Make another ball of red play doh and attach it as the nose of the clown. Take two tiny balls of white play doh and press on the mouth.  Now you have the teeth of the clown.

There you go, kids! Your happy halloween clown mask is here!