Kidu Kidu Workshops

Do you want to meet Uncle Sudheer and the rest of the Kidu Kidu  team and have them teach you cool stuff  in person? Well, you need to be at the next workshop with your parents.

The Kidu Kidu workshops are where we bring in experts from various fields to help toddlers realize their potential. Starting from PlayDoh modelling to nursery rhymes, we plan to bring in the finest educators, artists and innovators to inspire and motivate toddlers. They will be taught that there are no limits to their potential and they have their entire Kidu Kidu family to back them up. Sessions shall be held where each kid shall be encouraged to find their own niche.Increase your toddler’s potential activity through kidukidu workshop.

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Workshop held on 29-101-2016
Workshop  29-10-2016