Learn How to Make Halloween Baby Frankenstein with Play Dough

Hello children! We have a special new friend for you. Meet our adorable halloween baby Frankenstein!

We need a lot of different colourful play doh; a big green ball, a big dark blue ball, a red ball, a blue ball, a yellow ball, a white ball and a black ball. Take the big green ball and break a piece of it. Roll it in your hands to form the head. Make the top of the head flat. Make two flat yellow dots and press it into the face to make the eyes. Draw a smile using a toothpick. Make two red dots and press to both sides of the mouth for the cheeks. Make a small green ball attach it to the face for the nose. Roll a strip of green play doh to attach as the lips of our baby Frankenstein.

Flatten some black play doh using a rolling pin. Cut a circle out and make the hair. Attach it to the top of our baby Frankenstein’s head. Make two eyebrows from strips of black play doh. Take two black play doh and press it to the eyes to make the pupils.

Take the dark blue play doh and roll it into the body of our baby Frankenstein. Use the bank of a paint brush to make the legs. Use more dark blue play doh to make the arms and attach it to both sides of the body. Flatten and cut out blue play doh to make the collar. Take me blue play doh to make the belt and attach it around the middle of the body. Take a toothpick and attach the head to the body. Take a small bit of green play doh and shape it with your hands to form screws. Attach it to both sides of the head. Use black play to make the feet and attach it both legs. Use tiny dots of white play doh to press into the eyes. Take some green play doh and use a tooth pick to form the fingers. Attach the hand to both arms.

And here we have it kids! Our adorable  baby Frankenstein is ready!